The link between corporate leaders and architect-designer


In setting up Creative Agent Consultants, Françoise Darmon put above all one idea to work : creation is an essential factor in industrial production today, helping adapt to new market developements and contributing to profits.

Creation is present in all phases of a product's life, as regards the product itself (design), the launch (media event), the immediate surrounding (stand, point-of-sale presentation), the extended environnement (shop decoration, licence point) or the product's image linked to the larger brand image.

Creative Agent Consultants' goal is to use the architect-designer's creative thinking to ensure, at all times, the maximum sales value on the one hand, while on the other, adding cultural value to strengthen impact.

Creative Agent Consultants and its artist-designers work together on the basis of individual agreements for each contract.

Creative Agent Consultants does not "represent" artists per se. Its role is to advise businesses on the right solutions for their needs Françoise Darmon draws on her dual knowledge of the worlds of business and creation, helping to establish an open and productive dialogue between the two, leading to future action.



Creative Agent Consultants mission

Identification of the needs - Presentation of the designer -  Organization of the designer's mission and follow up - The organization and follow up of contracts – Redaction and presentation of quotes

And requires: The literature review - Of-one interviews and groups – Visits: places of production, distribution networks.

At present, to enhance industrial creation, conceive and design tools for training / information which are composed of:

. book "9 Créateurs – 9 Entreprise : Du Sens dans l'Utile" edited by Le Chêne.

. Curator of the European travelling exhibition Sense in Utility realized by the A.F.A.A. (French Ministry of foreign affairs) and colloquies 1993

. E.S.C.P. (Superior Business School of Paris), Author of a permanent training program, Management of Design, for company management direction, subsidized by the Ministry for Industry and Foreign Trade and the Chamber of Commerce, Paris.

. Stories of Objects, a collection made up of five documentary films about design, bringing together 25 highly talented French and international architect-designers, initiated, co-produced and published by the Centre Pompidou.
DVD Rom Stories of Objects, edited by TF1

Film Living is an Art, a documentary about Françoise Darmon's art & design collection.


Françoise Darmon proposes to companies :

- Design, interior architecture, architecture with designers of recognized talent, notably Sylvain Dubuisson, designer-architect.

- Editions, catalogue designs and graphic charters notably with the Companie Bernard Baissait, artistic director, graphic designer.

- Multimedia conceiving of Web sites and CD Rom, video design, notably with Soraya Zerroug and Julien Alma, who have conceive this web site.

Table mat - Objects of the table collection
"Reflexion Polie"
Design : Sylvain Dubuisson
Guy Degrenne S.A Group

"73 seconds"
Design : Sylvain Dubuisson
Editor : Creative Agent Consultant

Françoise Darmon represents the work of Marc Guillaumot, Peter Greenaway's photographer, who reveals products and their materials.

of the pair of "73-seconds" candleholders of Sylvain Dubuisson.
Donation F. Darmon / Creative Agent Consultants
- Coll. Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris
- French design collection of Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Sylvain Dubuisson's furniture for the Office of the Culture Minister - Mobilier National.

of conceptual art and of objects of applied arts, Françoise Darmon supports the concept and the object "carrier of meannings".


2017: Partnership building between Axa Gestion Privée (directed by Corinne Calendini) and
Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique (directed by Romane Sarfati).
Author of L'Objet du mois in Axa Gestion Privée newsletter to let the public discover creations by Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique.