"Sense in Utility" is first of all a statement of fact.

In our post-industrial society, profound changes have occured, and corporate leaders have been obliged to come to terms with the necessity of product identity. The way consumers use an object has changed. The object must fulfill more than a function; it must satisfy a cultural need.

Today, profitability confronts challenges and requires new attitudes.

The stakes are real. Companies now have a formative and cultural role. They create objects for our environment. Thus, they need to consult architect-designers capable of re-thinking objects and giving them a new sense.

This confrontation of two needs, of two languages, is examined in the pages of Sense in Utility, by means of nine productive encounters in dialogue form.

This work, the first to throw light on the relationship between creation and the corporation, aims less to demonstrate a theory than to underline an existing situation and to propose an analysis of the determining role of creation at the heart of a company.

The sociological and cultural implications resulting from these nine exceptional encounters opens up a new approach to the environment for an attentive and culturally curious reader.


© Peter Capellmann


This work is part of Sense in Utility.

1992: 9 Companies / 9 Creators - Sense in Utility, book of art about the relationship between creators and companies.

2017 : Du Sens dans l’Utile, a new bilingual edition (see press kit) with a new content and a contemporary format designed by Philippe Apeloig highlights the relation between companies and talented designers. It is distributed by Flammarion in France and by Thames and Hudson, Rizzoli New York and Random House – Editions Skira.

On the same topic of the book 9 Companies / 9 Creators - Sens in Utility,
realized by the Association Française d'Action Artistique-Ministère des Affaires Etrangères. This exhibition has travelled abroad in Europe accompanied by quiums.