Travelling Exhibition produced by the AFAA

This exhibition is about industrial creation and its influencing role within corporations.
It is based on Françoise Darmon's book, 9 companies, 9 creators: Sense in Utility, published by Editions du Chêne`

Important changes have taken place in post-industrial society, inciting corporate leaders to take into account the need for strong product identity. The object must fulfil more that just a function, it must also meet a cultural need. Sense in Utility acknowledges this fact.

The exhibition presents the encounters between 9 companies and 9 creators who are able to 'think' the object in a different way, to give a new sense to it. What is shown through the 9 examples is the coming together of these two demands, of these two languages.

- Jean-Claude Decaux/Philippe Starck
- Delvaux/Martin Szekely
- Galeries Lafayette/Jean Nouvel
- Kookaï/Naggar & Lachevsky
- La Redoute/Marc Audibet
- Létang Rémy/Sylvain Dubuisson
- Strafor Facom /Danese
- Val Saint-Lambert/Borek Sipek
- Hello Innovatron/Roland Moreno

Each encounter is illustrated through a three-part sequence, describing :
. the company and its creation strategy
. the designer and his creative approach
. the product

The exhibit's scenic conception was entrusted to Kristian Gavoille, the artistic direction to the Compagnie Bernard Baissait.

The strength of these exceptional encounters, together with their social, economic and cultural consequences, allows us to give a new outlook of their environment to curious and attentive audiences.