Encounter with Ten French Designers

A 52-minute documentary
Author : Françoise Darmon
Director : Jean Dominique Ferrucci

Stories of Objects is about the conception of ten objects and the designers behind them.

This film illustrates different approaches to industrial creation.
Among them, the original pieces, such as the manifest-object by Sylvain Dubuisson, the mirrors by Nestor Perkal, "specially made not to look at one's self". Also presented, small serial-made objects : the "Divine" table by Kristian Gavoille, which gives a new look to the "archetypal" table through a subtle combination of shapes and materials.

Follow some remarkable objets from the luxury industry. Emerging from the imaginary world of Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti, the "Deci-Delà" perfume bottles, covered with a pebble and wrapped by a stole.

Objects belonging to the industrial production series are also featured. Pascal Mourgue's "Dune" chair, dressed up with anti-rust fabric "la batyline". Jean Claude Neyton's pliers, with its adapted trigger, industrial object, meets the challenge.

The protection suit by Marc Sadler, made to save lives; Martin Szekely's bench and urban furniture.

The television set, first object conceived by Philippe Starck during his collaboration with a large electronic industrial group in 1995. Its timeless refinement gives a unique personality to the standardised object.
One exception : the bottle, a popular narrative objet that glorifies the orange (Orangina). This bottle was not designed but it owes its existence to the intuition of company manager Jean-Claude Beton.

Stories of Objects is part of Françoise Darmon's approach in Sense in Utility. Its objective is to make the public aware of the importance of the objects in our environment as well as their social and cultural consequences.

52 minute, color, under titled : French and English
Video Editions : Centre G. Pompidou
DVD Rom / Edition : TF1 video, french version

"Overboost" protection suit
design : Marc Sadler
© Marc Guillaumot / CAC
DVD ROM Histoires d'Objets, TF1 vidéo

"Zéo TV" TV set
design :Philippe Stark
Thomson group
DVDROM Histoires d'Objets, TF1 vidéo


Philippe Starck : The Television set
Sylvain Dubuisson : Objects of the table
Kristian Gavoille : "Divine" Table
Nestor Perkal : The miror
Jean Paul Goude : The bottle
Jean Claude Neyton : The tools
Pascal Mourgue : The chairs
Elizabeth Garouste et Mattia Bonetti : Beauty objects
Martin Szekely : Street furniture
Marc Sadler : Protection suits

"T2/A3" pendulum
design : Sylvain Dubuisson

DVD ROM Histoires d'Objets, édition TF1 vidéo

"Massaï" chair
design : Kristian Gavoille
editor : Neotu gallery
DVD ROM Histoires d'Objets, édition TF1 vidéo

"Beaucoup de bruit pour rien" lamp
design :Sylvain Dubuisson
editor : Ecart International
DVD ROM Histoires d'Objets, édition TF1 vidéo

Co-producers :
Centre G. Pompidou, Films d'Ici, Creative Agent Consultants, TV Channel Paris Première
Partners :
Délégation aux Arts PLastiques - Ministry of Culture and communication
Ministry of foreign Affairs
National Center of Cinematography

Broadcasters :
Paris Première, La Cinquième

Stories of Objects was presented at the Centre G. Pompidou.
The exhibition is currently at French cultural centers in North America and Asia, travelling with the exhibition Photographing the Object by Marc Guillaumot, Peter Greenaway's photographer.

Stories of Objects has been selected by the Festival of Cinema d'Art in Montréal, Canada.

A video edition in French and in English is available (produced by the Centre G. Pompidou).

Further to its success with the public, the Centre G. Pompidou and Paris Première, together with their partners, are considering the co-production of several further episodes of the TV series about objects in our environment.