A collection by Françoise Darmon

A "historical" collection made up of five documentary films about design, bringing together highly talented French and international architect-designers.

A film collection about design initiated, co-produced and published by the Centre G. Pompidou.

A television series about design, validated by the public of French television channels Paris Première and la Cinquième.

Broadcast by Europe Images for foreign television and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the French Cultural Center networks abroad. The films Stories of Objects have been selected at the Art Film Festival in Montreal.

A week featuring design, organized by FNAC. Stories of Objects, from April 25 to 29, 2000, in collaboration with Centre G. Pompidou publishing house. The video collection is distributed in the multimedia stores FNAC and Virgin and the Union des Librairies, Paris.

Films Stories of Objects :
Fifty two-minute documentary films which tell the story of objects and of their conception by highly talented international designers.
Each film is made up of sequences and tells the story of an object or a group of objects.
Encounter with Ten French Designers
To Work, To Sit,
To Light. Objects Of The Table

List of 25 designers in the series Stories of Objects

Interview of Françoise Darmon


Pliers with its trigger
Facom group
design J.C. Neyton
© Marc Guillaumot / C.A.C.

    Inspired by the objects featured in the first film Encounter with Ten French Designers, the AFAA organized an exhibition Photographing the Object, by Marc Guillaumot, Peter Greenaway's photographer. This exhibition travelled throughout the network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' French Cultural Centers, with the films Stories of Objects (Asia, in particular Japan, North America, Australia and the United Kingdom)

2002- A DVD ROM of the series, produced by TF1
Pedagogical bonus films, Short Stories of Objects, 13 minute adaptations of To Work, To Sit, To Light, Objects of the Table
produced by the Ministry of National Education.