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Stories Of Objects is a series of "historial" documentary films on design, featuring highly talented French and international designers. Combining a strong creative identity, innovative graphics and a specific visual style for each portrait, they present an original pictorial and cinematographic approach.

An exceptional series of three DVD ROM in a unique and elegant boxed set.
A rich source of information and a practicial training tool, these DVD ROM will broaden the circle of design enthusiasts, spreading the message of art and culture to a wider audience.

The DVD ROM have a full and varied content:
- chaptering by designer
- teaching bonues

Shorts Stories Of Objects targets a younger audience. Developed by the National Teaching Resources Center and the Ministry of National Education, its an ideal teaching aid for parents and teachers alike.
- Complete information on designers and their creations, with CV and object's presentation sheets that can be accessed directly from the film and printed out via the ROM section of the DVD.
- An interview with Françoise Darmon, design consultant to business and creator of the programme. She presents Stories Of Objects with passion and offers insight into the careers and creative talents of leading designers, focusing mainly on Europe.

Partners of Stories of Objects : Centre G. Pompidou, Ministry of National Education, National Teaching Resource Centre, Ministry of culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Creative Agent Consultants, Digimage, Les films d'Ici, National Center of cinematography and TV channel Paris Première.

Protection Suit
Design : Marc Sadler
Manufactor : Dainese
DVD ROM Histoires d'Objets, édition TF1 vidéo

    DVD 1 contains a film entitled Encounters with 10 french designers, realized by Dominique Ferrucci and an interview with Françoise Darmon, realized by Olivier Mégaton.

Ten leading French designers discuss the technological, sociological and cultural impact of everyday objects and their essential role in our lives.

With : objects of beauty by Elisabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti, tableware by Sylvain Dubuisson, a table by Kristian Gavoille, the Orangina bottle not
designed but presented by Jean-Paul Goude, chairs by Pascal Mourge, tools by Jean-Paul Neyton, mirrors by Nestor Perkal, protective suits by Marc Sadler, the TV set by Philippe Starck and street furniture by Martin Szekely.

In her interview, Françoise Darmon, creator of Stories Of Objects, presents the designers featured in the stories and assesses their creative influence.

Content of DVD 1:
- Encounter with 10 french designers (51')
- Interview with Françoise Darmon (14')
- Chaptering by designer
- 42 technical and historical object presentation sheets (accessible from the film)
- The CV of each designer
- Internet links to partner sites
  "Massaï" chair
design : Kristian Gavoille
editor : Neotu gallery
DVD ROM Histoires d'Objets, édition TF1 vidéo

Ofice TBWA-Chiat/Day New York
Gaetano Pesce
DVD ROM Stories Of Objects, TF1 vidéo

The themes covered in the second third DVD concern the very basics of human activity. author Françoise Darmon and director Olivier Mégaton (Exit), the films entitled To Work, To Sit, Objects Of The Table, To Light explain how designers of international repute approach the design of an object and its environment.

To Work is a prospective analysis of the changes and developments affecting our living environment and the objects it contains.
Gaetano Pesce (virtual office), Ross Lovegrove (modular office), Jean Nouvel (Less office), Jonathan Ive (iMac computer), Antonio Citterio (mobile office), Michele de Lucchi (office of the futur).

To Sit presents a range of seating concepts based on new technics and new materials.
Alberto Meda ( seats and technology), Charlotte Perriand (modernism), Ross Lovegrove (the ergonomic seat), Ron Arad (sculptured furniture), Antonio Citterio (functional seat), Gaetano Pesce (the "diversified serial production").

Objects Of The Table, reveals the way in which designers look at our most significant everyday objects, permanent symbols of social and ethnic tradition.
Ettore Sottsass (objects of the table, ritual instruments), Richard Sapper (the fonctional evidence), Philippe Starck (to sit at a table : a social act) , Enzo Mari (the formal quality in answer to the human needs), Achille Castiglioni (the table is the world, the table is a world), alberto Alessi (the domestic imaginary).

To Light examines the essential role of light, which forms a link between the object and the space it occupies, creating both public and private space. Designers explain how the emotional component of light is revealed through the forms that they create.
Achille Castiglioni (formal and minimal beauty), Michele de Lucchi (the lamp object, metaphorical and symbolic), Ettore Sottsass (the light's langage), Alberto Meda (simplicity of shape), Philippe Starck (The Light, a modern energy), Richard Sapper (The functional evidence), Ingo Maurer (the spirit of light).

    Content of DVD 2 and 3

To Work / To Sit (2x51')
Objects Of The Table / To Light (At the table/ In the light) (2x51')
Chaptering by designer
212 technical and historical objects presentation sheets (accessible from the film)
The CV of each designer

"Short Stories Of Objects": 4 teaching bonus provides a simplified presentation of each film, adapted to an audience of children, parents and teachers.